Artist lifting bike over headWelcome To Ricky Genes Loves Art!  Every day there is art to be found whether it be through inspiring artists, established artists, or in nature.  Since the dawn of social media outlets such as Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, and others, art is dying a slow death, and so are their creators.  The truth is, people are just not appreciating it for what it is.  Instead they would rather look at cat videos, or vines, rather than a beautiful piece of art that someone spent months or even years to create. 

Since the beginning of mankind there has been art and it has aided in our development both technologically and spiritually.  Art has inspired millions upon millions of people and it is my hope that I can inspire just a small portion of people to fall in love with art all over gain.  In order to do so, I have to use the very things that have in many ways initiated it’s demise, technology and online mediums.  That is because we have all become too lazy to visit an art gallery and attend local art shows.  Many of those who do attend them still don’t take the time to appreciate it and instead update their social media accounts while they are standing in front of a master piece. 

Have a look around the site, read the blogs, look at the websites of artists I’m going to share with you, and be inspired.  Everyone has the potential to become an artist as long as they possess the strong desire to express some portion of their selves and NEVER be afraid of failure or ridicule.