Photo Critique Info

I love critiquing images and will do so free of charge.  There are a few guidelines that you must follow when submitting an image:

The photo must not contain any sort of nudity

You must hold the copyright of the image and have a model release

I reserve the right to publish the photo on this blog for editorial purposes. The photographer will be mentioned by name and include his/her website info.

The photo must not be heavily edited or have extensive Photoshop work done. i.e. no composites, drastic changes in the color, heavy tone mapping.  It is acceptable to dodge & burn, sharpen, add clarity, color adust, remove minor blemishes, and add or reduce shadows.

The photo must be high resolution with dimensions of at least 2000 x 2000

Any image submitted that does not abide by these guidelines will be rejected and not receive a response.

By submitting your image you transfer the rights to to market and/or publicly display your image with the critique to visitors of the site.

You may submit a link to your photo via the contact form